Elon alum Al Drago speaks to communications students about his work, experiences

IMG_6884Al Drago graduated from Elon University in 2015. Less than two years later, his photos have been published in a number of major news outlets, such as The New York Times, Rolling Stone and The Washington Post.

On Friday he visited with current Elon students to share his insights on the industry and give advice for their future careers.

“My Elon experience was based around the journalism that I did,” Drago said.

While at Elon, Drago was the Photo Editor and held internships at the Herald Sun, Burlington Times-News Raleigh News and Observer and The Baltimore Sun. Drago told stories about his experiences at Elon, specifically the major projects he worked on.

IMG_6887“The key is staying with a story that you’re really passionate about and you’re really engrained in.”

Drago also explained how he got his start in journalism.

“I ferociously worked … I knew what I wanted, and I wasn’t going to stop until I got it,” Drago said. Drago centered much of his talk on tips for young journalists to remember when covering stories and working toward a professional career.

IMG_6948Drago also advised students on how to use social media. He reminded students that future employers always see what people post on their social media. But, a presence on social media is important in this digital age. “Embrace the platform” is one of the

Most importantly, Drago encouraged students to work hard to get what they want. While it is important to have a balance between social life and professional work, Drago said that working hard and getting out of the “Elon bubble” will help you get ahead.

“I chose work every single time. I dedicated myself to my work.”


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