Elon Poll finds North Carolina voters do not approve of Trump’s first 100 days

Saturday marks the 100th day of President Donald Trump’s presidency. Throughout hisgetimage.png campaign trail, Trump made many promises about what he would get done within this 100 day time period. But, as this 100-day mark approaches, it is clear he has not completed many of his campaign promises. 

The most recent Elon University Poll found that 51 percent of North Carolina voters polled disapprove of how Trump is handling the job of president, with only 42 percent saying they approve.

The White House recently released a memo outlining Trump’s accomplishments during his first 100 days. This list does not include many of the points he promised throughout his campaign.

Trump first announced his plan for his first 100 days before the election  on October 23, 2016 in Gettysburg, Penn. By his 75th day in office, Trump had not accomplished any of these legislative goals. Since then, he has signed a number of executive orders and memoranda.
During his campaign, he criticized former President Barack Obama for his use of executive orders. But, most of Trump’s accomplishments — about 62 percent of the 37 points listed in the White House memo — have been through executive order or memorandum. 

In his first 100 days, Trump has signed 25 executive orders, compared to 19 by former president Barack Obama, 11 by former president George Bush and 13 by former president Bill Clinton in the same time period.

Jason Husser, assistant professor of political science and policy studies and director of Elon University Poll

His use of executive orders hasn’t helped his approval either. According to Jason Husser, assistant professor of political science and policy studies and director of the Elon University Poll, most presidents see high levels of support from both previous supporters and opponents during their first 100 days. But, Trump’s presidency is different.

“[Trump’s] level of support in his first 100 days, both for himself personally and for his key policies, is as low as we’ve seen in the history of opinion polling,” Husser said. “However, his core supporters remain very loyal.”

Husser also gave some potential reasoning behind this disproval.

“Trump’s difficulty in presidential approval likely comes from two sources: his rhetorical and policy decisions, which he has control over,” Husser said, “and a divisive, polarized and dysfunctional political environment that makes it hard for any incoming president to function.”

Many Elon students also disapprove of Trump’s actions thus far in his presidency. Sophomore Mollie Richter did not vote for Trump and feels he hasn’t fulfilled the promises he made to those who did.

“I think for the people who voted for him he is not doing very well because he’s made a lot of promises and said he was going to do a lot of things that he hasn’t really done…” Richter said, “…as someone who didn’t vote for him, I honestly don’t care how he’s doing, but I think people who did vote for him, they should be concerned because he obviously isn’t making strides in the things that he wants to.”

Elon students also disapprove of Trump’s use of Twitter. The Elon Poll found that 73 getimage-2percent of voters find Trump’s use of Twitter to be inappropriate, with only 18 percent saying it is appropriate.

“In his twitter, he’s yelling at people and making accusations with no evidence,” Richter said. “I don’t trust my country in someone like that.”

Senior Darius Moore also disapproves of Trump’s presidency and use of Twitter and fears his impulsivity could harm the American people.


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